323 Marketing offers a full service Google Adwords and/or pay per click audit in the Orange County area. See what kind of difference we can make for you.

Proven Performance

Our typical client can expect a 50% reduction in Google Adwords Spend.

While at the same time seeing a 100% increase in conversions.


That means not only are you saving money, but the money you are spending is working harder for you.

Over $30 Million in Account Audits

Including brands such as

Our Full Account Audit Takes a look at everything including

  • Keyword match types.
  • Negative keywords.
  • Landing pages.
  • Campaign and Ad Group structure.
  • Conversion tracking.
  • Call tracking.
  • Multi channel attribution.
  • Mobile strategy.
  • Ad copy analysis.
  • Business strategy. Even the best Adwords account fails if it does not align with your business strategy.
  • So much more! Adwords has thousands of different settings and options and we look at them all.

With such a comprehensive review of your account, the majority of our clients make back the money they spent with us within the first 2 weeks.

We worked with a client who was spending over $1 million dollars annually on Google Adwords. Very early in the audit process, we realized that this company was spending over half of their money on mobile ads, and they didn't even have a mobile site! That means that nearly $500k a year was being wasted. Needless to say, that client was very happy they worked with us, and saved a ton of money in the process.

We worked with another company who was spending significant money on dog related keywords. Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Poodles, you name it. The only problem was, this company had nothing to do with dogs! They would have been better off burning that money than spending it on those keywords because at least they could have used that money to keep them warm. A bad match type strategy was the cause for this disastrous campaign.

Do you have these sorts of holes in your Google Adwords account? Do you know how your ad dollars are performing? If you are spending too much, or too little? Is your conversion tracking set up correctly and how do you interpret the data? These are the sorts of questions we can help you answer and more.

Big or small - We have a price that fits your budget

We have never worked on an account that we could not improve significantly. The reason behind this is that the majority of the accounts that we see were often set up a long time ago by a person with very little experience in Google Adwords. With over 9 years experience managing and auditing Google Adwords accounts we can quickly bring your account up to speed. We are based in beautiful Irvine, California and are more than happy to meet with you in person at your Orange County office.

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